Monday, September 9, 2013


Now, don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest as much as every other DIY-crafting-cooking-organizational freak out there, however, whilst searching for some inspiration for my dressing room/studio, I found that it was causing me more headaches and delays than if I just did my own anal retentive organization.

I was first told about Pinterest several years ago by my now ex-husband. It was during the 'invitation only' days of Pinterest and I was lucky to get an invite. As I looked through it, I didn't really find anything that grabbed me and I wouldn't look at it for another two years.

When my boyfriend and I moved into our new home, I was excited to be graced with a room (and full bathroom), bigger than most people's apartments in Manhattan, that was ALL MINE! I planned to turn it into a super epic dressing room/studio/sanctuary.  Oh, the plans!!!!

My first hiccup came when I realized NONE of the current shelving I owned would fit properly against the walls (as the walls slanted downward).  I needed new shelves....and several of them, stat.  Then there was my makeup collection, it needed a home. Not to mention my wardrobe and shoes which wouldn't fit into the large built-in closet the way i wanted it to. I also wanted an amazing vanity! Oh, and a desk that I could use whilst sitting on the floor to avoid back strain. The list went on....however, little did I know about the list that would be in store for me in the upcoming weeks.

Soon, I had everything I needed, 8 new bookcases, 2 sets of drawers, 2 clothing racks, tables, rugs lamps, a vanity (one I had been searching for for years, at that!) etc. etc. and I was ready to get the job done! Nothing could stop me! I was pumped! And then, *pop* My already extremely delicate back decided to give out completely. 

As I lay in bed with my heating pad, chocked full of pain relievers, I thought to myself "hey, why not check out Pinterest for a few ideas".

Hours pass. That soon turn into days. I just stare at my phone. Search for more ideas. Re-pin many, PDF many more.

Suddenly I'm questioning all of my original plans. I'm actually thinking about wallpapering the backs of my shelves and I have an uncontrollable need to purchase at least 10 gallons of Mod Podge (because,  obviously,  16 oz is just NOT enough). All plans are suddenly haulted. I have no friggin' clue how I want to proceed. I think about it. Then, suddenly I want to just renovate the ENTIRE HOUSE....or maybe, just MOVE! YES! Moving will solve all of this!!!!! What the actual fuck has come over me?!?! 

Pinterest is like crack for people with OCD DIY personalities. That's what the actual fuck had come over me.

I start to feel better and just ignore Pinterest for a little while.  I know what I want and what I need out of my room. I also know what isn't a necessity.  I realize that the best use of Pinterest, for a creative person like myself, is a quick browse to find an easier, more cost-effective way to do my projects and sometimes,  when I am at a complete loss for ideas, five minutes or so just to get some thoughts going.

As for my dressing room/studio, it's coming along just fine without a Pinterest binge. If I have ideas I can't choose between, I bounce said ideas off of a close friend who knows what I'm trying to go for.

Pinterest needs you more than you need it. Remember that.



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